Microsoft continues to land significant patent license agreements with manufacturers of Android smartphones and tablets. The latest company to come on board with Microsoft and sign a patent license agreement is the ZTE. The company has signed an agreement licensing both Android and Chrome OS devices.

That out of this deal comes on the heels of an agreement between Microsoft and Hon Hai, the parent company of Foxconn, earlier this month. Microsoft says that the licensing agreement gives ZTE access to its “worldwide patent portfolio.” Microsoft has also bragged that almost 80% of all devices running Android are now covered by patent agreements.

Microsoft also took the opportunity to note that it has invested over $4 billion in the last decade to acquire IP rights for various products. Microsoft says that that is part of its balanced approach that has led to its success with entering into licensing partnerships with various manufacturers. Reports indicate Microsoft makes more money from licensing Android patents than it makes off its own mobile operating system.

With the announcement of a licensing agreement in place with ZTE, Microsoft also made a statement that patent suits could be avoided if companies would recognize and fairly seek rights to intellectual property owned by others. In other words, just pay up.

[via SlashGear]