One of the biggest phone brands in the United States today is ZTE. This Chinese phone maker is currently making waves in the country because of the affordability of handsets. We all know why the biggest brands of smartphones are seeing loss in sales and profits. No thanks to the Chinese OEMs like ZTE who are coming up with cheaper products with good-enough specs.

We’ve seen a number of ZTE Axon phones already but this time, the plain Axon and Axon Pro handsets are getting some upgrades including the latest security patches for Google Android. With the update, the 32GB Axon is getting a camera quick button, better camera zoom, and Qualcomm modem patches. The ZTE Axon Pro is also getting the same features and improvements expect for the enhanced camera zoom but instead, it’s getting improved white balance and faster focus in low light. The Axon Pro is also finally getting support for T-Mobile WiFi Calling 2.0. The two smartphones are also updated with new settings for operation on MetroPCS network.

These Google Android security patches are important. They’re anticipated ever since the Stagefright vulnerability was discovered and made public. Most of the more popular phone brands already announced their intentions to release such security updates but only a few kept their word. At least, now we know that with the latest ZTE software updates, the Android security patches are ready.