We’re no strangers to gadgets that try to do everything. After all, smartphones have mostly evolved to become just that. But there are just some things that leave you scratching your head and the ZTE Projector Hotspot unveiled at CES 2014 could be one of them.

Do not rub your eyes out thinking you misread something. Yes, this is one of those portable projectors that you can bring along in your bag for those off-site presentations. This projector is advertised to handle images of up to 120 inches, can output 1080p video, has a brightness of 100LM and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. It is almost 5 inches in length and width and a bit more than 1 inch in thickness. So far so good and sounds like your run of the mill handy projector.

Of course, there is also the hotspot half of the equation. Aside from projecting your images or slides, it can also share your LTE connection with up to 8 clients and supports WPS and IPv6. But wait, there’s definitely more! This device is a actually full-fledged Android unit, running Android 4.2. It has a 4.0-inch capacitive touchscreen, at 800×480 pixel resolution, and has WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity options. This practically allows users to show content coming directly from the projector hotspot itself, as well as, of course, from some other device.

And in case you’re wondering, like other portable hotspots of late, the ZTE Projector Hotspot also doubles, or in this case, triples, as a backup charger, with its own 5000 mAh battery inside. The only thing that’s missing from this jack of all trades is pricing and availability, which ZTE has so far not yet disclosed.