Chinese telecoms equipment maker ZTE is planning to launch an Android powered, 3D digital set-top box in the near future. At this point, it is not clear what version of Android will be installed on the new device. The one thing that is clear, is that it will be able to get content in 3D, and 3D is awesome.

The new Android box will be able to make video calls using a television. It will also have HTML5 capability for browsing the web using the set-top box. They have not announced any other Android functionality such as access to Google Apps, but we will keep you posted if they do.

ZTE is also looking to develop their own mobile operating system with Mozilla, the folks behind Firefox. Currently, about 90 percent of ZTE’s hardware relies on Android, and they are trying to distance themselves from Google’s incredibly popular mobile OS. For the time being, they are still using Android, and this new 3D capable box will be no exception.

ZTE agreed to a deal with Kudelski SA (KUD)’s Nagra division that enables it to sell set-top boxes to Nagra’s customers. Nagra has about 70% market share for Europe’s Cable-TV devices. This puts this new Android box in a great position to find itself in many homes.

[via Bloomberg]


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