If anything, the Android-loving public are due for an Android-powered projector that can change the way we interact with our friends and colleagues with visuals and presentation. We submit that the products from ZTE’s Spro line (Spro 1 and Spro 2) might not be it. At USD$400 and USD$600 respectively, they lack the affordability to truly make an impact. The new addition to the product line – the ZTE Spro Plus – might still not be the game-changer we’re looking for in this segment, but it is at least worthy of note.

The Spro Plus is the successor to the Spro 1 and Spro 2, and ZTE has managed to cram a lot more hardware and features into it than the previous two iterations. The main feature, of course, is the projector – and users will get a WXGA (1366×768) projected image with 500 lumens of brightness. But with an 8.4-inch 2K (2560x1600px) AMOLED display, it would actually be fair to say that this is a powerful tablet device with a projector feature than the other way around. The Spro Plus is also powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with 3GB RAM and either 32GB or 128GB of internal storage.


The Spro Plus will come in WiFi-only and LTE variants. Among the new features is a JBL audio system with 4W Harman speakers and high-performance Harman microphones capable of capturing your voice at 3 meters away. This means that the device can be a cool way to do Skype sessions or online meetings for your business. The Spro Plus is also designed with an external camera for that very purpose. An enormous 12,100mAh battery keeps all the lights on.


There has been no mention of a price, but suffice it to say that if this device doesn’t go below USD$400, it will still probably be staying in the realm on travelling businessmen and sales people. We don’t see how ZTE can pull down the pricing on this device, and we still won’t have the game-changer Android projector that we’re all dreaming of and waiting for. The Spro Plus will start shipping in the summer of this year. Look for the Spro Plus at the ZTE booth at the MWC 2016 floor.