Coming out of CES earlier this morning, we learned that Nuance had added some new features to Swype. And more recently we have learned that Nuance has partnered with ZTE. The ZTE partnership is described as being multi-year, but really means that ZTE smartphone users will have the power of voice thanks to Nuance.

The details coming out of this announcement note that Nuance’s voice will be integrated into the new portfolio of ZTE devices. These devices will begin rolling out this year and the support will bring voice interaction in more than 25 languages. ZTE hasn’t gotten super specific into the full list of apps that will benefit as a result of this partnership, however they are touting the new Car Mode app, which will begin showing up on ZTE devices in 2013.

The ZTE Car Mode app will allow users to do things such as make hands-free phone calls, have text messages read and access music. The key here, ZTE notes that this support will work in noisy automotive environments and not need any network or data connection. Perhaps key here though, the Car Mode (along with Nuance voice control) will allow users to remain both hands- and eyes-free.

Some other neat features of the Car Mode app include being able to wake it using a hands-free wake-up word. You will also be able to enter a “Do Not Disturb” mode where the app will block incoming calls and messages until you arrive at your destination. Of course, assuming you stay out of the “Do Not Disturb” mode, the app will continue to announce items such as incoming calls and text messages and even tell you the local weather.