Some new rumors have surfaced regarding the ZTE Nubia Z7. This particular handset has been discussed in rumor form for quite some time now, however it is starting to look like an announcement may actually be getting closer. Given the time of year we would normally begin thinking of a late-February, or Mobile World Congress announcement, however in this case it seems we may get the official nod a bit after everyone leaves Barcelona.

Details coming from the Chinese language CNMO are telling the story of an announcement that may happen in March or April. There are also some other details that have been included in this latest report, though, we must admit up front that we are a bit skeptical. The other details included some talk of the specs, notably the display size, along with a reported screenshot.


First things first. The display is expected to be large. It was said the display will measure in a 6.44-inches, which is where we saw Sony go with the Xperia Z Ultra. The reason we remain skeptical comes in with the potential image. Simply put, based on what we are seeing, we aren’t entirely convinced that display measures in anywhere near 6.44-inches.

Of course, the CNMO details did state how the device used in the picture could be a reference design. For now, this remains unannounced, and therefor, as rumor. Sticking on the topic of the image. This is believed to be a screenshot of the notification center. Interestingly, it shows a rather clean looking, and flat design.

Otherwise, previous rumors have also touched a bit more on the specs. The Nubia Z7 is expected to arrive with Android 4.4 Kit Kat and powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 128GB of storage. That said, while we would expect ZTE to have a presence at MWC, we have yet to hear anything in terms of announcements.

VIA: phoneArena