We’re not sure if Zack Nelson has done something like this before but this is the first time we’re featuring a dual screen phone getting scratched, burned, and bent. Sure, there’s the ZTE Axon M but that one has a different design. The Nubia X is a new phone that rolled out with dual screens and absentee selfie camera. There is no front-facing camera because the main camera system at the rear is enough. You can preview your selfies on the secondary display.

ZTE didn’t implement a notch on this phone but the front display is almost bezel-less. The additional screen at the back helps to minimize the need for a front camera. Instead of a notch or a cutout hole, the company decided to just take advantage of the high-specced rear camera.

The main display is a 6.26-inch IPS LCD screen with 2280 × 1080 pixel resolution while the second display is smaller at 5.1-inches OLED with 1520×720 resolution. They are protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and both scratch at level 6 and deeper groove at level 7.

The device boasts dual fingerprint scanners–one on each side. You may not notice them but you can use either one or both. The phone features glass and metal build all over. It seems fragile but it’s really not.

Watch the ZTE NUBIA X Durability Test below:

It’s like most premium specs we know with a robust design. We’re not sure about everyday scratches and drops though but we’ll find out soon.