Another day, and another potential device reveal coming by way of the global design directory known as red dot 21. Earlier in the week there was an image and some specs for the still unannounced OPPO Find 7, and more recently there are some images of an unannounced ZTE handset. A ZTE handset with what appears to have somewhat of an unfortunate name.

The red dot 21 site has the handset listed as the ZTE S EXT, yes, as in the thing many are currently trying to get the younger generation to stop doing. While we hope to see a change in name before the official release, we do have to remember we have yet to hear anything from ZTE. As for the red dot 21 listing — that is due to the design of the phone itself. It seems the ZTE S EXT will be the first smartphone to use something called NMT (Nano Molding Technology) in 2014.


“NMT has been used for the highlight metal frame design to build visual effect. Metal and plastic has been injected together in the mould, then making a crystalline chanfer cutting at one time. It compared with the full metal processing technology, the cost is much low, and got the quality and production efficiency. All it brings more lightweight and metallic feelings for the mobile phone.”

In addition to word of the phone, and the description (seen above), the design directory also touched on a smart dock with wireless charging. Keeping in mind these are only rendered images, it does appear ZTE has a nicely designed handset in the works.

We will be on the lookout for something a bit more official, at least a nod coming from ZTE. But otherwise, in regards to the name — we do take some comfort in knowing that handset names sometimes change when they arrive with a carrier. That is based on another recent ZTE announcement and release, the ZTE Iconic Phablet, which launched as the Boost MAX.

VIA: Android Police

SOURCE: red dot 21