With CES quickly approaching, the news and rumors are bound to begin picking up. And while the rumors are always fun, the actual news is where it is at. That being the case, it looks like ZTE has confirmed that they will be announcing at least one smartphone during the event.

The details were posted on the official CES website, where they note that ZTE will announce the Grand S smartphone on January 8th. Granted, they have yet to offer complete set of specs, but they did reveal just enough to make us curious. According to the teaser, the ZTE Grand S will arrive as a “flagship handset” in the “high-end Grand Series of products.”

The ZTE Grand S will feature a 5-inch FHD display and will be made of ceramic and featuring a “traditional Chinese style.” Otherwise, ZTE confirmed to CNET that the Grand S will have a quad-core processor. And while we have yet to see any measurements, ZTE is teasing that this will be the ” world’s thinnest for 5 inch FHD smartphones.”

All said and done, the phone sounds interesting enough, but then again, lots of phones can sound interesting in the teasers. Bottom line here, January 8 will be when we find out just how much a splash the Grand S will make — after all, carriers and pricing will play an important factor.

[via CNET]