ZTE is here to stay. We don’t think the Chinese OEM will move away from the US market anytime soon because it is still doing very well. It is presentely the fourth biggest phone supplier in the country, thanks to the ZTE Blade series. Cricket Wireless is ZTE USA’s top partners in bringing the low cost phones that are making a dent in this category. The latest addition is this Blade X that is priced below $120.

This Blade X follows the Blade X Max that was launched a few months ago. This Blade X is more basic though with the watered down spes. This one has a smaller 5.5-inch HD sreen, a 13MP rear camera, 5MP front-facing shooter, quad-core processor, Qualcomm Quick Charge 1.0, fingerprint sensor for mobile security, Dolby Audio, and FM Radio.

The new ZTE smartphone isn’t exactly premium but the specs and features are good enough for a basic phone that works for productivity and play. The price is just affordable you won’t have a hard time in deciding if you’ll buy this or that more expensive flagship model from another brand. ZTE USA desribes this as “affordable premium”.

ZTE Mobile Devices CEO Lixin Cheng said, “We created the Blade X with features for the entertainment-loving consumer in mind. With top display features and superb audio sound, the Blade X comes complete with stand-out features for its category.” ZTE definitely knows it has a fanbase. And yes, we know the brand will simply move forward.