ZTE has not made any official announcement yet regarding a new smartphone but an Axon Phone has been spotted. There have been talks and rumors about an Axon Phone but it wasn’t clear who is manufacturing the phone. Today, we learn that it’s from ZTE, another Chinese phone manufacturer that’s been trying to enter the mobile market in the United States. You might say this is just another entry level phone but the rumored 4GB RAM makes it more promising.

While most phones nowadays boast of 2GB RAM and the 3GB RAM is already considered high, a 4GB RAM-toting ZTE Axon Phone seems really attractive. If true, this phone will offer faster performance, impressive audio quality, and the usual Google services. Rumor has it that this smartphone will also have dual cameras at the back.

And looks like we’ll see this Axon Phone soon as ZTE has recently sent out invitations to some press people to a July 14 event in New York City. What’s more interesting is that the invite is a pair of Google Cardboard goggles.

The Google Cardboard invite somehow gives us an idea that perhaps the Axon will offer a virtual reality experience with the use of Google Cardboard. During the said event, there will be a big contest or raffle for a chance to win $10,000 and of course, the new Axon phone.

SOURCE: Android Central


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