Zoom Security Privacy Exposed Issue

This pandemic coronavirus has truly shaken the rest of the world. It’s not just one country, the whole world is now affected. If there’s one good thing about the situation is that some technological innovation has become more popular. Since most people are on quarantine right now, socialization is limited. Social distancing is now normal while social media has gotten busier than ever. Most companies now rely on social networks and online meetings to communicate. Emails are not enough.

One of the most popular programs used right now is Zoom. The company has been experiencing exponential growth but as expected, there is the risk of security and privacy failing. It’s no secret Zoom is not that secure. We must admit we brush off this fact because, at the moment, Zoom is easy, quick, and efficient to use.

Now we may need to look at the situation closely because of recent security lapses being reported. The latest we learned was the Zoom has been exposing videos online. This means your video conferences and video chats can be viewed by other people.

Zoom’s security isn’t reliable right now. We understand the people behind Zoom are not ready for such kind of growth in numbers but we’re crossing our fingers a fix may be available soon. The 200 million users from a mere 10 million within three months are quite a big jump.

Zoom videos are recorded. Unfortunately, they can be discovered easily. Specifically, those saved on cloud storage can be discovered as per The Washington Post.

With Zoom, it’s easy to connect with other people. Video chats are recorded which can then be uploaded to the cloud. There is a risk, especially because videos can be discovered as long as a naming pattern is followed. A bigger risk is posed because some people forget to protect public cloud storage.

Videos can be exposed. That is a fact because some people can be lax when it comes to privacy and security. If you use Zoom, you may want to make sure most settings are turned off or modified.