As if we aren’t lazy enough already, this awesome creation from Zipwhip has me completely fascinated. Imagine waking up in the morning — rolling over to your Android smartphone — and texting coffee, or espresso to your Zipwhip-powered coffee maker. Then after you’re finally awake you walk in to a finished and fresh hot cup of joe. Sounds amazing right? Check out the video below with edible ink and all.

Now Zipwhip isn’t a coffee company, nor do they build coffee machines. Zipwhip is actually a Seattle based technology and cloud text message company that has created this one-of-a-kind and world first text-enabled Android textpresso machine — and I freaking want one! The video explains it in all its glory.

Tell me that isn’t awesome? It even has remote arms that gets a clean cup, the burr grinder gives you fresh and tasty coffee grinds, and they even have edible ink that will write the last 3 digits of your phone number right on top of the espresso so that “one” chick doesn’t steal your fresh cup of coffee or mistake it for her own. I need this same system for my roommates.

You can get the Zipwhip cloud texting service app for Android at and they will be offering all the code for this to the open source community soon, as well as the build plans so you can build your own similar creation. If I can get this to make my coffee, turn the TV on to Sportscenter, and wash my dishes I’ll be set for life.

[via ZipWhip]


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