Last December I mentioned that ZiiLABS had a new Android tablet that fans could pick up for about $250. The tablet was a modest offering that didn’t exactly burn up the market. ZiiLABS has now announced a new platform for Android tablets that is constructed around its new processor offerings with a dual core and quad-core part with lots of other features that will make them interesting to the tablet fans out there. The new processors are called the ZMS-20 and ZMS-40.

The ZMS-20 is the first processor that we have seen come from ZiiLABS since the ZMS-08 debuted about two years ago. ZiiLABS is also unveiled the even more powerful ZMS-40 processor. The 20 is a dual-core offering that is based on a 1.5GHz Cortex A9 core. The 40 is a quad-core processor that can deliver clock speeds up to 6GHz. Both of these processors are being aimed at the Android tablet market and ZiiLABS has another offering to get tablets using the processors to market.

Along with the new processors, ZiiLABS has a new comprehensive Android Tablet Platform that is based on the ZMS-20 SKD for the Android OS. The platform allows companies to customize or white label the tablets and ZiiLABS is offering certifications and conformation as well. I would like to know when we would see tablets using the ZMS-40 on the market. At this point, there is no time frame on tablets with either of the new processors coming to market.

[via Epizenter]