If you are the proud, new owner of an LG G4, you know what would be even better? If your smartphone can last even longer than what the OEM has promised you. Zerolemon, maker of many extended batteries and battery cases has come up with what they say is the world’s highest capacity battery, at least for LG’s latest flagship. Just like other Zerolemon products, this can serve not just as an extended battery, but also your smartphone’s protective case.

The LG G4 has been one of the most talked about flagships released this year. But just like other smartphones with a lot of new features, battery life is still a problem. That’s where brands like Zerolemon come in, and this time around, they say that the Extended Battery, which has 8500mAh, has 3x the capacity of the smartphone’s original capacity, and is in fact slimmer than other brands’ similar products.

It also has a Piano Black Color Full Edge Wrap TPU Case-in-One Construction so that it will serve as your smartphone’s protective casing. If you drop it, accidentally throw it, or other “shocking” actions occur, it should fare pretty well, unlike if you use the brittle back covers of a lot of devices.

The LG G4 Extended Battery also has the longest warranty period in the market, if you buy it from Amazon. Zerolemon already has a 180 day guarantee warranty, and Amazon also has a 30-day full refund guarantee. You can buy it for just $59.99 and it says that you have saved 33% or $30 off the cost.

SOURCE: Zerolemon


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