The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been pretty well-received so far. And while there are no batteries catching on fire, its battery life is not that great, especially if you’re using it a lot since it’s new. So obviously, you will need to have a power bank or a battery case. ZeroLemon has now released its SlimPower 5500mAh Extended Charging Case for the phablet and if you buy it now on Amazon, you apparently get 50% off until an unspecified date.

The battery case will supposedly give you 100% charge to your Note 8 which may be equivalent to 24 hours of talking time, 74 hours of listening to music, or 16 hours of watching videos. Of course, those are just estimates and it still depends on how you use your phone, but you are guaranteed at least one full recharge of your Note 8 before you will have to charge your battery case. It weighs 5.26 oz so it will add a bit of weight to your device, but not so much as to bother you.

When it comes to the design, the case has Ultra Slim Protection so it can also act as full-edge protection for your device. The top and bottom bezels are also slimmed down so you don’t have a vertical extension of an already vertically long smartphone. The fingerprint cutout is also a bit bigger so you can still use the reader at the back, even though its position is a bit awkward.

To install it, you just slide the phone into the battery case and you can already start using it. Press the button for 3 seconds to start charging or to stop when you’ve already juiced up. You can get the ZeroLemon 5500mAh battery case for just $39.99 from its original listed price of $79.99. No news though if this is a limited launch offer or if that’s going to be its price forever.

SOURCE: ZeroLemon


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