The LG V20 has proven to be a well-reviewed device and if you have one, you’re probably using it all the time and most likely draining it in the process. Of course you’d welcome any product that will bring you more juice for your device. ZeroLemon normally does that for Galaxy phones but this time around, they created something for your LG V20: a 10,000mAh extended battery case. You can avail of it at a discounted rate through Amazon.

Aside from giving you 10,000mAh worth of extra power, the extended battery also comes in a soft TPU full edge protection case, to give you maximum protection for your device, in case you drop it or it accidentally (or intentionally) falls. It measures 6.47 ×3.25 × 0.82 inches and weighs just 8.12 ounces, which is not that heavy considering it packs a battery of that size.

You can avail of this ZeroLemon extended battery case for your LG V20 on Amazon. And instead of paying the full price of $99.99, you get $40 off and just pay $59.99. Only the color black is available for now, but that should be fine since the smartphone is a classic looking one anyway, so this case should match.

You can also get 180 days ZeroLemon guarantee warranty as well as Amazon’s 30 days full refund guarantee. It also has a free shipment offer, so if you have an LG V20, this is a pretty good deal. You can never have too much extended battery power.

SOURCE: Amazon


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