Like any smartphone today, the LG G3 can be a battery guzzler. Manufacturers may promise long battery life but it will always depend on how a person uses a mobile device. As a solution, it’s either you charge the handset twice or thrice a day (sadly) or you bring a power bank with you. Others have extra battery but only a few are really efficient.

The recently made available LG G3 is getting a power companion in the form of a ZeroLemon Case. It’s an extended battery boasting of 9000mAh, disguised as a rugged black Zero Shock Hybrid Protection Phone Case. We’ve seen similar battery-ala-phone-case already but this looks really tough and good enough to handle drops and rough use by careless hands.

Features of the ZeroLemon for LG G3 include a Direct Battery discharge design for power efficient to eliminate possible battery waste. The case is a TPU/PC Rugged Case made with Double Corner Technology. It also comes with a Japan PET Screen Protector and a belt clip. To be sure no one can copy this extra battery case, LG has patented the design in the US.

This isn’t the first time ZeroLemon is offering a protective case for popular smartphones. Late last year, a case for the Galaxy Note 3 was introduced. It clocked in with a 10,000 mAh battery, too impressive because the Note 3 was only 3,200 mAh. It’s expected the version for LG G3 will be just as great.

zerolemon for lg g3 battery case

The ZeroLemon LG G3 9000mAh Extended Battery + Rugged Black Zero Shock Hybrid Protection Case is compatible with all LG G3 smartphone models. Item already available on Amazon for $59.99.

SOURCE: ZeroLemon