Whenever there’s a new flagship device in the market, you should expect brands like ZeroLemon to come up with products that will help you protect your device from drops and scratches, as well as give it the extra juice that you will probably need as you use the device constantly. They have now announced a new Soft TPU Full Edge Protection Battery Case for the LG G6 and new battery cases with various capacities for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+.

The Soft TPU case not only protects your LG G6 from being damaged by accidental drops, but it also won’t add that much weight to your smartphone. It will cushion not just the back but also the sides of the device. Plus it houses an 8000 mAh extended battery that will give you 170% more battery life for regular use, while heavy users can get 2-3 hours more. The case will be available both at ZeroLemon’s website and Amazon by July 25 and will cost you $59.99.

The battery cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is available in two versions: 5500 mAh and 8500 mAh. It will bring your device up to 180% more battery life and also gives double protection for those times when you will accidentally drop it. You also have type C input charging port and have full access to all the external features of the phone. The 5500mAh will be available by July 31 for $39.99 while the 8500 mAh one will be available by July 25 for $59.99.

Lastly, for the Samsung Galaxy S8+, you need a higher battery capacity phone case since the device is slightly larger and has higher specs. The 6300mAh ZeroLemon S8 Plus battery case will cost $39.99 and can give up to 110% extra boost while the 8500mAh variant will cost $59.99 and can give 160% extra battery life. The former will be available by July 25 while the latter on July 31.

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