Still one of the biggest problems facing digital people is this: Why are smartphone batteries still so easy to run out? Despite the advances that some brands have made in providing us with devices that last just a few hours under heavy use, we still cannot live without our battery extenders. Zerolemon now brings us a battery case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and it might just be the (temporary) solution for you.

Your Note 4 will not be the most fashionable looking device when you use Zerolemon, but long after your friends’ own smartphones have run out of juice, you will be the last phone standing. At 10,000 mAh, it is the most high capacity battery case for the Note 4, with three times the capacity of your device’s own original battery. It is a little bulky compared to other cases, but would you rather have a slim, decorous casing but with your smartphone lasting just a few hours? Bulk/battery over comfort/design, we say.

The battery case will not interfere with your smartphone’s features and your activities (except that it’s heavier, but who are we to complain?) as it has all the necessary port openings so you can still charge, use your headset, take pictures, and all the other external buttons are exposed. It also has NFC support so you can continue using your S Beam and Google Wallet to your heart’s content. Of course, the actual battery life it can give your smartphone depends on how you use it, your phone configurations, what apps you use, etc.

The battery also comes with a 180-day warranty so you can test it out for 3 months to see if it really does work. And it’s also covered by Amazon’s 30 Days Full Refund Guarantee. Other reminders is that you will not be able to use this on the Galaxy Note 4 Edge and to be able to use it, you need to remove your device’s back cover and replace it with the battery case provided. You can get the Zerolemon Galaxy Note 4 battery on Amazon for $59.99.

SOURCE: Zero Lemon


    • Not half as ugly as a useless phone with a dead battery IMO.
      Sure a person can carry around a couple of external batteries but who wants to carry those in your pocket .

  1. All the hate on the size it will make the phone , yeah it will be big but at least it won’t have to be plugged in several times a day if you’re a heavy user .


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