If the 3500 mAh battery of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is probably not enough for you for your long travel or commute, then you will probably appreciate the ZeroLemon Slim protective case and extended battery especially built for the bigger of the new flagships. It is now available for pre-order and will ship in two weeks, just in time for the arrival of your new smartphone (if you don’t have it yet). It will give your device double its battery life as well as protect it from scratches and “daily wears and tears”.

The extended battery case has a 5200 mAh power and is expected to provide 100% power to your phablet. And if in case you need to transfer files or data to your computer, you don’t need to remove the case as the TPU case supports file transfer. You can also charge the case without having to remove it from your phone and then put it back again when fully charged. It’s also slim enough at 6.41 x 2.99 x 0.78 in so it won’t bulk up your smartphone too much.

It also serves as your device’s sturdy case, offering “360 degree protection”, at least from the usual wear and tear that it experiences. It has a light indicator which should tell you how much battery your phone has left as well as its charging status with four colors in 1 LED light. It comes with a zero defect guarantee as well as a year-long warranty.

On ZeroLemon’s site, the battery case is originally priced at $79.99 but you can get it now at just $39.99. There is no indication as to how long this price will last so better pre-order it now.

SOURCE: ZeroLemon


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