The fitness category has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to tracking your activity. There are wearables such as Fitbit and apps such as Moves. While these each have their own spin and as a result, their own positives and negatives, it seems this is still a growing category. To that point, it looks like a new entry has arrived in the form of Zero.

Zero is a startup coming from Kouji Kodera, a former executive with HTC. At present Zero is planning to launch their solution during Q1 2014, but in the meantime, Kodera has been discussing the fitness wearable category and has said that “none of these devices are driving long-term usage from consumers.” Kodera suggests that roughly three quarters of users stop using the device within two months time.

While the reasons for stopping will likely vary, one suggestion coming from Kodera is the lack of ability to really share socially. Kodera touched on how there is an option to share specifics on Facebook and Twitter, but that amounts to social bragging. He also mentioned how the user is limited to the world (device) they are using. According to Kodera, Fitbit users stick with other Fitbit users and so on.

Basically, Zero believes it is difficult to really compare your data with a friends if they are using another brand tracker. Anyway, while we have yet to learn exactly what Zero has planned, it appears they are building a software solution that will work with various fitness wearables. There was also mention of something called the “energy index” which will show how someone is doing mentally, physically and socially.

SOURCE: All Things D