A couple of years ago, the major mobile carriers in the US worked together as part of the Mobile Authentication Taskforce. The group then launched a multi-factor authentication service known then as Project Verify. The solution has been finalized and is now called ZenKey. It’s an effort by carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Version. The service will be formally announced later this month but we’ve already got some information. The mobile carriers are aiming to connect mobile consumers and subscribers to different service providers by bringing a more secure way to register, authenticate, and authorize.

A number of service providers and mobile carriers have collaborated to strengthen what ZenKey can do. The goal has always been to make things easy and effortless for “enhanced trust in the digital economy and beyond” . Security these days is a responsibility. It ought to be easy but that is not the case.

Consumers must be protected and so a security solution like Zenkey is appreciated. It makes logins and authentications easier. No need to remember passwords because the Zenkey will be enough. For some service providers, it can be added security because of the second or third-factor authentications.

ZenKey starts with the ZenKey app now downloadable from the Google Play Store. It uses technology like unique network signals to verify a device and a user. Biometric verification still plays a large part here for mobile user registration, data privacy, and security.

ZenKey provides control over your digital life. You don’t have to be enslaved by being worried about forgetting your password or keeping your information secure. ZenKey can keep things simple and easier for you.

The video above may not be enough but ZenKey will be shown off at the MWC Americas to October 22 to 24 in LA and the Money 2020 even in Las Vegas from October 27-30.