Zanco S-Pen

At first glance, you may think this is some sort of a mini karaoke mic but it’s not. It also looks like a remote control but it really is a stylus pen that does many things. The Zanco S Pen is a phone, a voice recorder, Bluetooth, and a stylus pen in one. It can be an ultimate gadget in many ways although we doubt it can ever replace your smartphone today. This small device is portable so you can bring it anywhere.

The Zanco S Pen is just the size of a pen with a compact design. It also works as a laser pointer or just about anything you want it to be. Mainly, it can be your phone’s best buddy in offering you features and convenience you really need.

The Zanco S-Pen is described as a handy multi-feature smartphone that allows you to do basic phone features like calling, SMS, camera, and playback. It works with Bluetooth devices so you can listen to music or take calls even when outdoors.

It’s not so smart if you’re only after checking your email or social media because it won’t allow you. The Zanco S-Pen will have you focusing on whatever task is at hand—without any screen.

It still is modern because it’s a stylus pen that lets you take down notes or draw. You can also use it to make a voice recording. When you need to do presentations, use it as a laser pointer.

The Zanco S-Pen comes equipped with dual cameras at the front and back. There’s a voice changer that lets you have fun with friends for up to six hours (max battery life). On standby time and after a full charge, the Zanco S Pen can last up to six days.

With only a $10,000 crowdfunding goal, the project has already raised over $51,000 on Kickstarter with 31 more days to go before the deadline. You can still back this project with at least a dollar pledge.

Check out the Zanco S-Pen on Kickstarter.