Have you ever had those mornings where you almost step on the phone that you placed on the floor the night or when your gadget suddenly drained overnight and you really needed to use it that morning? Yes, probably most of us have had at least one of those ever since we started sleeping with our gadgets and since it’s the first thing we look for when we regain waking consciousness in the morning. Z-Charge is an upcoming product that aims to solve all of those early-morning gadget problems.

Simply put, it is a charging and storage solution made from fabric which you can place under the mattress, across your bed and with pouches on either side. There are two pouches on either side that can hold up to 3 gadgets each and can charge 6 devices all at the same time. It can handle smartphones, tablets and even ebook readers and has a USB powering solution that can accommodate even iOS devices.

The fabric itself isn’t the one charging (that would’ve been cooler, but alas, wireless charging it is not) but it has a single wire where the USB ports and multiple charging cables are attached to and it’s that single wire which you plug into the wall socket. The storage pouches on the side are easily accessible and there’s even a flap for securely storing tablets and e-readers. The product comes with the necessary power supply unit depending on where you’re located.

The Z-Charge is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to make it a reality. The developers are trying to get €40,000 (around $50,000) and right now, they’re not yet halfway towards their goal, but there are still 24 days left in the campaign. This product should interest those that have several devices beside them when sleeping. So if you belong to that category, head on over to their product page and make your pledge.

SOURCE: Kickstarter