Drones are not just used for military purposes. They are now available for ordinary consumers who want to take amazing selfies or shots from a bird’s eye view. Yes, camera drones are now more affordable than ever and we know more similar products from different brands will be released in the market in the coming months. One of the more known names is Yuneec which just introduced the Breeze FPV camera drone.

This one comes with a special Breeze Cam app you can install on your mobile phone so you can easily and conveniently control not the drone cam but allow it to live stream whatever it is you are capturing. The Breeze FPV camera is able to shoot 4K videos that you can stream in 720p HD and share on YouTube, Facebook, or other real-time messaging programs. You can also interact in real-time with your social audience and share with them your view. If you only want to share with your family and friends, you can easily connect with them even when they are abroad.

With Breeze Cam app, you are free to record video via the Breeze drone and record audio via a mobile device. You can also name a live stream recording for easier identification. You have no reason now not to quickly capture those precious moments you want to remember forever. What’s better is that you can take them from an aerial view.

Your Breeze flying camera and Breeze Cam app will definitely make capturing memories easier than ever. You can even capture cool shots with those automated flight modes. With the app, you can also edit photos and videos, fly indoors safely, shoot 13MP photos, and film UHD 4K videos.

Download Breeze Cam from the Google Play Store