It looks like the Google Play Store is having a red-letter day in terms of RPGs. Almost immediately after Square Enix launched the much awaited Final Fantasy IX for Android, DotEmu also put out “Ys Chronicles II: Ancient Ys Vanished – The Final Chapter”. Yes, we know that’s a loooong title for a game, stop laughing. If you don’t have the cash for FFIX, maybe a cheaper JRPG will do?


Ys Chronicles II is the sequel to the original Ys RPG, also released by DotEmu a year ago called “Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished – Omen”. It was originally planned to be a single game back in 1987, but the developers have made the choice to cut it in half, and maybe earn a little bit more, yes?


Ys Chronicles II picks up right where the previous game left off, and the developers have completely rehashed the game’s original 2D graphics and sound to give it a more modern presentation. The developers did keep the real-time combat system of the original game intact. Players control the hero Adol in a top-down interface common to JRPGs. The battle system is a little bit more unique, as it requires players to attack at an angle not common to RPGs.


DotEmu has put up the game for download at a relatively low price of USD$5.00. Incidentally, the original Ys RPG is also available from DotEmu for a discounted price of USD$3.00. You can get both games for lower than what Square Enix is asking for FFIX. Just saying, you know.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store