Haven’t you ever wished that your weather app would show you what the actual weather conditions are outside instead of just giving you the temperature? Well it isn’t exactly the same thing, but a new Android app called YoWindow Weather gives you artwork and landscapes that reflect what it’s really like outside, depending on the time, day and place that you want to see, in lieu of actual live pictures.

The purpose of the app is simple enough. It gives you a glimpse of what the weather is like through carefully designed animated landscape art that will show you whether it is snowing, raining, sunny or windy. The artwork also changes depending on the season (Come on and sing with me, “Winter, spring, summer or fall…”) so all throughout the year, you’ll get to see new images. You have the option also of choosing the landscapes that best fits where you are actually staying.

You can even fast forward and see what the weather will be like a few hours or a few days from now. You just swipe through the screen until you get to the timeline that you want to check out. So if you’re planning a trip later this week, not only will you get the weather forecast, but a nice animated artwork showing what it might actually look like.

YoWindow Weather gets its forecast from leading meteorogical sources, yr.no and NWS. The paid version will remove the advertisements from the app, but if you’re content with having ads pop up every once in a while, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

VIA: XDA Developers