One of the most useful things that YouTube has brought to the platform is the video chapters feature. This divides videos into specific sections or chapters so users can easily jump to a certain part of the video without having to scrub through the whole thing. Soon this feature might become even more useful as YouTube seems to be working on letting users put certain video chapters on repeat or on a loop. This however is still part of an APK teardown so it will most likely not be rolling out soon.

XDA Developers shared that their APK Teardown showed some strings that indicate YouTube may be rolling out a new repeat mode for video chapters. The idea is that users can put a specific chapter on repeat or in a loop without having to continually scrub to that chapter or section in case you need to repeat it several times. The strings just mention “Chapter repeat is on” so we don’t know the specifics of how exactly this will work.

Currently, YouTube lets you loop videos but there’s no way to just repeat a certain part of the video that you want to see over and over again. The only way is to manually pull the slider to that portion of the video repeatedly or just loop the whole video itself. Having a way to just tap a button so the video chapter will continuously play until you stop or pause it will be very useful. It would be interesting to see the other details of how this will work, like can you choose how many times it will repeat or it will just be on an endless loop until you stop it.

Why would you want to play a certain part over and over again, you ask. Well, this is useful for those who are watching a tutorial or DIY video that you want to follow until you get it. Or you may need to record something that’s looped to add to your own video or to a presentation. You may also need to transcribe something being said or take notes for school or for your report. There are many ways that a loop can be useful.

Hopefully, these strings will eventually become a feature that will roll out to the beta and then stable version. But keep in mind that not all things spotted on APK Teardowns actually make it to reality.


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