Whoa! Out of nowhere this afternoon the folks from Google have just released a massive update to YouTube with some of the biggest and best changes yet. We have a completely redesigned and reworked YouTube, complete with a new icon, Google Now card-style user interface, multitasking and picture-in-picture, and much much more. Check it out and download the newest version below.

YouTube has just been completely redesigned from the ground up. Everything is different, for the better, and the slide-out menu is better than ever off to the left. The new app just arrived on the Play Store, and is a staged rollout. If you don’t get the update right away (which is happening a lot lately) we have the APK available for download below.

So what’s new? Lots of stuff! The new YouTube has a familiar Google Now style user interface with the “cards” layout. We have a feeling all their apps, and Android 5.0 KLP will move to this direction quite a bit. There’s now in-app multitasking, or picture-in-picture. You can minimize and watch a video while browsing for the next video at the same time. This will really come in handy, and even more so while streaming via Chromecast.

The minimize button will throw a playing video to the bottom corner, then you can expand it, or swipe to clear. While swiping the audio actually fades as the video does, it’s a neat effect, and is just awesome. Google’s really stepping things up here. You’ll understand once you try it. We also have quick access via a dropdown for playlists, videos, history, favorites and more, as well as the usual slide-out bar.

Everything looks different, the HD and CC buttons are gone and now in the menu instead of wasting space on the screen. This is quite a huge change to randomly just appear this afternoon, and we’re loving it. Check for updates yourself or grab the download link below.

VIA: Google Play
Download: YouTube v5.0.21


  1. Anyone else have a problem, where u can’t toggle hd. The HD is also highlighted no matter how many times I touch it.


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