Google has begun pushing a few updates out over the past 24 hours for a few of their services. This morning we reported the Play Store was receiving an update, and now it looks like Google has just updated everyone’s favorite video streaming service and site to waste time on. YouTube has received a neat little update this afternoon bringing multiple changes so lets take a peek.

The update today to YouTube will be a different version number for certain devices, but for most it is v4.3.9 and brings a host of new features as well as a small bug fix that I’ve never heard of before. For starters Google has finally figured out how to truly make Google+ look like it’s more successful than it really is, now you’ll be able to integrate your YouTube profile with Google+. This basically means they can be one and the same, and it will also make G+ “active users” number increase. Good for them.


That isn’t all though. Google’s also taking advantage of Android 4.1 Jelly Beans expandable notifications slowly but surely, and have added full controls to the notification pulldown bar. Essentially when you send video to your TV from your Android smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to control the video playback all from the notification pulldown bar. Fun!

Last but not least Google also mentions a fix for the “fullscreen button bug” although we’re not sure we’ve ever experienced that. It sounds like some people were having issues not being able to hit the fullscreen button on Transformer tablets, and that’s now been fixed. Might as well use that entire 10.1-inch screen right? Get the update right this minute from the link below, as well as other YouTube news.

[via Play Store]