If you’ve been trying to decide whether or not to subscribe to YouTube TV to have access to various networks on your mobile device or smart TVs, you should do it now as the service is set to increase their monthly fee to $40 from the current $35. But if you sign up before the increase goes into effect (which is anytime now), then you’ll still be able to get that lower monthly cost for the rest of your subscription duration.

Actually the $5 increase shouldn’t be a surprise as they announced it already last month. The justification for that is that they are adding the whole roster of Turner Broadcasting channels as well as nationally broadcasted NBA games, NBA TV, and MLB TV. If you’re a fan of those sports as well as CNN, Cartoon Network, TNT, Turner Classic Movies and other Turner channels, then the additional monthly amount should be easy to accept.

Probably YouTube TV’s closest competitor is Sling TV but the difference is that the latter has several tiers and you can choose a sort of “a la carte” on what channels and bundles that you want to include. Price range is around $20 – $40 but it would probably involve several mix and match options. If you just want to have everything available to you, then YouTube TV with its one rate for everything should be a better option.

So if you still want to get that $35 per month rate before it becomes $40, head on over to tv.youtube.com and sign up. Obviously, this is only available in certain areas in the United States and there’s no news yet if they’ll expand to other territories.

VIA: SlashGear