While there are already several video streaming apps, those who also want to have the ability to watch Live TV when you want to. Well, doing it without the usual cable subscription or on a mobile device. YouTube TV is one such service, but it’s only available in selected areas in the US. Now they’re expanding to 8 more cities and regions, specifically Austin, Albuquerque, Sacramento, Birmingham, Norfolk, Greenville, Portland, and Raleigh. Just last July they added 10 more markets which means they are getting a bit faster in terms of expanding it to the rest of the major areas in the country.

If you’re not yet familiar with YouTube TV, it’s a streaming service which can complement video on demand services like Netflix since it offers live TV options. It is also posited as an alternative to other services like DirecTV NOW, PlayStation Vue, Hulu, and the likes. But one of its advantages is that it is cheaper, and also “skinnier” in terms of its offerings since you probably don’t actually watch all the channels on your cable subscription.

But what has also prevented YouTube TV from becoming more popular, aside from the fact that it is still expanding to more markets, is that it doesn’t have much device support. For now, it can only be played on TVs that have Chromecast functionality or actual Chromecast devices. So if you just have a mobile device without the aid of Chromecast, you won’t be able to watch YouTube TV just yet.

Eventually, they will probably have to add more supported devices to be able to make YouTube TV as popular as some of the services that are able to let you watch wherever you want. And of course, they need to expand to more cities and places in the US.

VIA: SlashGear