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Is it the end of cable TV? We’ve asked this question a few years ago when live streaming was first introduced but cable television is still here although we know subscription is going down the past few years. We’ve featured and tried a number of streaming services already but honestly, most people we know are only waiting for Google to make YouTube their top choice for streaming.

YouTube has finally jumped into the bandwagon by introducing a new streaming service that will definitely rival cable. Google has recently introduced YouTube TV which will allow netizens to stream popular TV channels like NBC, FOX, ABC, and CBS for $35 each month. More channels are included in the lineup so you can enjoy dozens to hundreds to probably thousands of TV shows–The Voice, Big Bag Theory, Scandal, NCIS, The Flash, This Is Us, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Arrow, and Keeping Up With The
Kardashians among others. Wth YouTube TV, you are free to stream the TV channels straight to your device whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart TV.

The subscription price is good enough for six accounts. This means each one can have a personal DVR and get recommendations depending on one’s preferences with no storage space limit. Feel free to watch a maximum of three concurrent streams at a time.

TV watching has evolved in the past decade. Video-on-demand is high in demand because people don’t have all the time now to catch TV on schedule. Streaming services allow us to watch anytime we want, at our own convenience. But sometimes, people want to watch just like in the old times. They can’t stay put in front of their TV because they are on the go. Well now, you can watch live TV from anywhere with YouTube TV.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is simply your TV on YouTube. It’s something we’ve been waiting for since time immemorial we’re scratching our heads why it took the YouTube devs this long to launch the service. We’re guessing that’s maybe it’s only recently that TV networks warmed up to the idea. For this venture, YouTube now brings live TV experience to millions of people. The cost is very minimal, actually lower than the price a household currently spends for regular cable TV subscription.

Initially, YouTube TV will be available in key markets in the United States. Other states and cities will follow. No information if it will be ready in other countries and regions as well but we don’t see any reason why not. YouTube TV has a potential to become very big and be the next major cash cow for Google-Alphabet.

Check out the channels you can enjoy on YouTube TV:

YouTube TV Channels

SOURCE: Official YouTube Blog