The allure of cable cord-cutting services like YouTube TV is that you supposedly have a less expensive subscription while having access to network TV on more devices. Well, at least they’re getting the latter but the former is now a bit questionable as YouTube TV gets another price increase, their second since they launched just two years ago. New and current subscribers will now have to pay $49.99 for the base package. The good news is they are adding new channels so it won’t feel as painful.

When YouTube TV initially launched back in February 2017, it was just $34.99 per month which was way cheaper than your average cable subscription. But just a year later, they increased it to $39.99 per month and threw in a few new channels for good measure, including Turner Broadcasting channels (except for four like Showtime that had extra fees) and some NBA games.

Another year later, it will come up to $49.99 per month and once again, they will be adding new channels to ease the pain. So if you care about having Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, and MotorTrend, then you wouldn’t mind paying the extra bucks. You’ll even get the Oprah Winfrey Network later this year.

They have also recently completed its US-wide rollout so more people are able to access YouTube TV already. Aside from having live TV, you also get a DVR service so you can record shows that you want to watch later on. If all this is worth it to you, then you probably will not complain that much about the steep price increase that you have to pay for.

Existing subscribers will see the new pricing in their next billing cycle after May 31. But if you’re just signing up for YouTube TV, you’ll have to already pay the new monthly fee. Other cord-cutting service providers like DirecTV and Sling have also increased their prices recently so it may be an industry thing after all.

VIA: SlashGear