With the SuperBowl weekend being just a few days away, all of the relevant brands are scrambling to get in on the action. And in case you’re still looking for a way to watch the game (or the ads or the halftime show, as some do), Google is now bringing you more options to do so. Their streaming service, YouTube TV, is expanding to 95 more markets within the US and in fact covers already 98% of households in the country.

In case you need a refresher on what YouTube TV can bring you, for just $40 per month, you get to experience cable-free live TV among other things. There are over 60 networks that you can watch through the app, including the major ones like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC as well as popular cable networks like CNN, ESPN, FX, TNT, etc. You also get on-demand programming in case that’s more your style rather than live TV.

You can also record live TV shows on your cloud DVR without running out of storage space. You can even record shows at the same time and it will not take up space on your device or use your data. And of course, you can watch all of the videos on mobile devices, tablets, computers, and TVs as well.

You can have six accounts per household for just $40 a month and each will have its own recommendations and personal DVR space. If however after the Super Bowl, you realize you don’t want to subscribe to it anymore, you can cancel it anytime since this is a no-commitment kind of subscription.

Check out the source link to see if your area is now part of YouTube TV’s domain. You can try it out for free first if you’re still trying to decide whether or not to add this to your numerous subscriptions.

SOURCE: Google