If you’re part of the cord-cutting community and have opted to just sign up on live TV services, you might be one of the two million subscribers of YouTube TV. One thing that was missing from its Android app though is also one of the most requested features on any app today. That changes today as Google seems to have started rolling out the dark theme option for the live streaming app, months after its web version initially got it.

Watching videos on your smartphone while you’re lying in bed can be quite scandalous if you’re using that blinding white interface of YouTube TV. Now you have the option to change it to a more manageable dark theme that should also lessen the strain on your eyes. Android Police says that some users reported that their app’s interface suddenly switched to dark gray after receiving a server-side update. Well, that is if their device-wide setting was in dark mode already.

What’s missing now though is a toggle to manually turn the dark theme on or off on the app. While device-wide settings are great, there are still some times when you’d want to turn it off for a specific app. The main YouTube app got a toggle last October so this YouTube TV app will probably get one as well sometime soon. The idea for a dark theme option is that you actually get an option.

For now, if your device is in dark mode, then you’ll see the same on your app if you’ve received the update. From the splash page to the settings page and everything in between, you’ll see the dark gray paint job that they’ve done for it to make it more comfortable to watch when you’re in a darkened room or even just in general.

It should roll out with version 4.14.3 of the YouTube TV app, although it seems like a server-side update for now. Older versions might also get it if they’re part of the rollout.