YouTube Stories might already be a bit behind compared to other Snapchat-like features like with Facebook Stories and IG Stories (and Snapchat themselves) but that isn’t stopping Google from continuing to push it. They are now adding a few more tricks to make it even more appealing to its creators (as limited as they are now currently) Through ARCore, you can now get an Augmented Faces API so you can add various items like glasses, hats, masks, and filters to your YouTube Stories.

Google said that because of their 3D mesh, they are now able to bring more realistic-looking AI filters and make-up effects to their users. For example, an AI glasses filter can actually cast a virtual shadow on the user’s face and even simulate light reflection. This just means that it won’t look so wacky when you apply the filter and then interact with it to make a video for your YouTube Stories.

However, not all YouTube users can actually post Stories. Initially, it was launched as Reels which were short videos that you can create and add text, stickers, filters, and music, just like you would in other platforms’ stories. You could only view it on the mobile version and it expires in seven days and only around 100 creators could create it. Eventually, they changed it to Stories and then expanded it last year to those that have more than 10,000 subscribers.

If you’re one of those that have that many subscribers, whether you’re a developer, creator, or user, you can download the latest ARCore SDK so you can