Originally called Reels, Google is now calling its new (well, new-ish) feature as it is: YouTube Stories. Obviously, this is something similar to Facebook/Instagram Stories and Snapchat but for the past year since it was launched, it was only available for select, elite YouTube Creators. Now they’re expanding the feature and letting creators with 10,000 or more subscribers create their own Stories. Subscribers and users will also now be able to interact with these creators on their Stories.

Basically, Stories is a way for creators to give their fans and subscribers a sneak peek into their lives in-between their more polished, professional content. It can be behind-the-scenes access, their creation process, updates, preview of their next video or just a peek into their “real”, unedited life. This feature was actually launched a year ago for creators that had 70,000 subscribers and more. Some of the early adaptors were FashionbyAlly, Colin and Samir, Cassandra Bankson, etc.

Now that more creators will be able to add Stories to their YouTube channels, viewers will also be able to interact with them in the comments section. They can also thumbs up or thumbs down the comments and creators can heart comments and respond to them in real time or even later when they review the reactions to their Stories. They can even respond to the comment with a photo or video that the whole community will see.

If you’re a qualified creator, posting Stories is pretty easy. Just open your YouTube app on your phone, tap on the video camera icon, and then choose “Create Story”. You will be able to add text, music, filters, YouTube stickers, and other things that should make your Stories interesting or creative. The video will remain in your channel for 7 days so that your fans can see it for longer. The Stories will show up on the Subscribers tab and for non-subscribers, it may show up in the Home feed or in the Up Next list below videos.

There is no news yet if they will expand this feature even for the creators who have just a few followers or for anyone with a YouTube account. For now, enjoy following stories on your favorite accounts.