If you’re already confused with the various YouTube and Google Music products that are already in the market, prepare to get un-confused. Or maybe even more confused. Sources are saying that when YouTube Remix finally launches, whenever that may be, it will spell the official death of Google Play Music. The new music platform that Google will be launching is supposedly meant to go against Spotify, so killing off the current Music app makes sense. There hasn’t been an official announcement yet so don’t go uninstalling your app just yet.

The death knell for Google Play Music has been quietly ringing ever since reports surfaced that Google has been working on a new music streaming service that will give a Spotify-like experience. At the recent SXSW, Lyor Cohen, YouTube’s global head of music, confirmed a few details, like it will combine the context server prowess of Google Play Music and the “breadth and depth of catalogue” of YouTube. But no other details like pricing or target launch date were given.

Other rumors about YouTube Remix is that it will be recommendation-based, will have smarter playlists, and that it will give you music based on the time of day. And since Google Play Music has some of those things, then it probably means this will be the new music streaming service. They’re also reportedly investing a lot on this platform so it won’t make sense to still maintain another one.

Right now there are already far too many products. Aside from Google Play Music, you also have ad-free YouTube access and original content with YouTube Red. You also have the YouTube Music app and service. Let’s hope YouTube Remix will solve all of that confusion and streamline your Google music experience.

VIA: Droid Life