YouTube 301 will be no more. Finally, Google decided to stop freezing view counts when a video reaches 301+ views. Just in case you didn’t know, YouTube stops views at 301 to check if views are not from spam bots. The “pause” doesn’t take long but it can be frustrating for those who want to see progress of their recently uploaded or shared videos. That will no longer be the case as the search giant is eliminating that step in the process.

Google usually verifies view counts to know if they are real and accurate. The company just wants to make sure the views and clicks are valid before posting the correct view count. It will no longer freeze when video passes 300 views before updating the number of validated views.

YouTube will start counting the views as they are recorded. Some views may still not be added but at least YouTube will be able to see the valid count right away.

youtube 301 b

So now, instead of recording views centrally and posting the real count after a few hours of verification, YouTube will count views as they happen and those the company is confident to be from real people and not spam bots. will be included in the official count. Others that are still questionable will still be due for review.

VIA: SlashGear