YouTube Music Explore Tab and Sony Lyrics

YouTube Music is becoming more aggressive these days. It’s ready to go all out as it rivals Spotify. Not that YouTube Music is new to the market, it just needs to ramp up marketing. YouTube is already the no. 1 video sharing site so YouTube Music has a big potential to be on top as well. The service has been around since 2015 but it’s not really that popular compared to Spotify. It regularly receives updates and new features. Our last report had something to do with the Explore Tab replacing Hotlist.

YouTube Music is getting the Explore Tab. This new feature is where a listener can find new releases. You can also browse different playlists by mood.

Also added is the Song Lyrics feature that lets you sing along to your favorite songs. The features are now available for iOS and Android users. If you haven’t tried YouTube Music, check it out. You may want to try the Music Premium so you can listen to music sans any interruption of ads.

YouTube Music is a standalone music app service that lets you find the songs and music you want to listen to at the moment. Check out new and old albums, remixes, playlists, and live performances. Sometimes, you can just search for lyrics or describe a song.

Searching for a song is easy. YouTube Music may even serve you songs based on previous choices and preferences. Music Premium is recommended so you can enjoy ad-free and endless listening.


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