While YouTube Music still isn’t as widely available as Spotify or its other competitors, Google is still continually adding features that would appeal to the music market and maybe bring them over to the service. They will soon be rolling out three new personalized playlists and they may seem pretty similar to the ones you’re enjoying on your current favorite streaming service. But they’re still hoping they’ll get new users and retain existing users as they continue to expand their market.

According to Tech Crunch, the three playlists were actually spotted in the wild last month but now it is confirmed that they will be launching later this month. According to YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan, one of the feedback that they got was that people were enjoying the music that they are bringing, which comes from a combination of machine learning as well as those curated by music-loving human beings. And so these three new playlists are a result of that feedback.

The Discover Mix will allow users to discover new artists you’ve never listened to before and also lesser-known songs from those that you already love. The algorithm is based on your historical data on both YouTube and YouTube Music and it determines what kind of artists and songs to recommend. The New Release Mix meanwhile features the most recent releases from artists that you already liked or loved. Your Mix is a combination of songs that you already listen to and what YouTube thinks you might love based on your past listening habits.

As we said, these three sound familiar if you’ve been listening to Spotify for some time now, but Google may be offering you something different in terms of its musical algorithm. All three playlists will be updated every week and you’ll find them under the “Mixed For You” section on your home screen. Or you can just search for the playlist directly as weak.

The three personalised playlists will be launching sometime in the next few weeks, although they did not give a specific date. They also have not given a timeline as to when Google Play Music will eventually be sunsetted but expect this to happen eventually.