If you’ve ever wanted to create a playlist on your YouTube Music app that is solely based on tracks that you’ve uploaded there, you might just get your wish soon. Some users are seeing a new thing on their playlists called Library Tracks playlist as Google’s music streaming app seems to be testing it out now. From the name itself, it means that this is an automatically-generated playlist made up solely of tracks that are from your music library on the app.

XDA Developers says that some users are sharing the Library Tracks playlist that they’re seeing on their YouTube Music app on their Android devices. They were able to discover it when it showed up in the playback history after playing any song from their library. It is automatically generated so you don’t have control over what shows up there. As long as it’s in your music library already, there’s a chance it will show up there.

It looks like any other YouTube Music playlist as there’s cover art on the top and then the playlist name and the number of tracks next to it. There’s also a shuffle button and a play button. You can also download it if you want offline playback and a download progress bar shows up. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any option to include uploaded music from your library but hopefully, they include that later on during a wider rollout.

When users who have the Library Tracks playlist try to view it directly, a 404 error seems to come up but if they download it, they are able to view it offline. This may just be a bug or they’re still in the early stages of this feature so they’re just testing the waters and it’s not yet fully functional. But of course they will get better feedback if they actually show how it should be able to work. We’ll probably have to wait a few days or weeks before we’re able to see this thing in all its musical glory.

For now, this seems to be a server-side update so there’s no way yet to force your YouTube Music app to show the Library Tracks playlist. Hopefully, more users will be able to receive this feature.


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