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YouTube Music may receive another update. Just a few weeks ago, it was updated with “Replay Mix” for your songs on repeat. Earlier this year, we learned that it is testing out Library Tracks playlist. We also won’t forget that “Year in Review” playlist, more personalized activity, mood mixes, and the play uploaded songs in Android Auto for free users. It’s also easier now to stream music on smart TVs, and bring playlists to Google Assistant and even casting for non-premium members.

The music streaming platform seems to be testing a new feature–an ‘In Library’ filter for search results. The change may be noticeable on both web or mobile.

Google continues to improve YouTube Music. It may someday be more known beyond as an offshoot of YouTube. Hopefully, it will thrive better on its own and that can only be done with added features and improvements.

With the next update, you may soon see a library tab that can help you with search. You can find the music you want more easily with an In Library filter.

YouTube Music In Your Library search filter

There is no official announcement or teaser but some eagle-eyed redditor noticed the change on the app. Clicking on the filter after a search query will offer top results from the library. You can only see available music.

Don’t expect to see user playlists, collaborative playlists, and official YTM playlists when using the tab though. That may be frustrating to some. Well, it’s not a final and official release. The change appears to be server-side only.