YouTube Music Related Music Playlist

YouTube Music hasn’t really taken over Spotify but the music streaming app has potential. For one, YouTube already has a vast database with probably millions of videos and songs. Just recently, it was updated with Explore Tab and Song Lyrics. Transferring from Google Play Music to YouTube Music is also now possible. The app has been receiving regular updates and we can expect more will roll out. The next one could be a ‘related tab’, as well as, Mix playlists.

There is no official announcement yet. Maybe YouTube is only testing the new features. We don’t see it yet on our app but a number of keen-eyed Redditors shared what they saw on the app.

YouTube Music features a “Mix” playlist that may remind you of Spotify. There’s a Focus Mix playlist and a related tab. The latter shows music for similar artists or related music. They are found inside a pull-out section.

Other playlists available include Energy Mix, Workout Mix, and Chill Mix. They fall under the Mood section: Explore> All Playlist> Mood. It can be assumed that the playlists show content based on the preferences and habits and even listening history of the user.

The playlists (mix) are there but some errors have been reported. The new “related” tab shows related music or more titles from the same artist. Google is expected to work deeper on the app so let’s wait and fee for the official release of an update.