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Parents and kids, rejoice! YouTube Music will soon work for supervised accounts. Kids and teens can finally enjoy YouTube Music as long as enrolled under Google Family Link. The tech giant is making things more convenient for parents and caregivers to manage what content the children consume. It’s not just for videos or apps, Google wants parents to check what songs the children listen to. `

In February last year, YouTube actually added more supervised experiences to help parents of teenagers. Some of the beta features are now widely available and that includes YouTube Music.

This experience is available not only for Android but also for iOS and the web. It will be ready in the coming weeks as no exact date has been provided.

Apart from YouTube Music, the supervised accounts can also now access the main YouTube app on eligible smart TVs. Of course, parents and guardians still need to identify what content the kids can consume. Different tiers will be introduced: Explore (for 9+), Explore More (13+), and Most of YouTube.

The YouTube Kids app has been around since 2015. It has greatly helped guardians and parents in managing the children’s gadgets use and media access. It’s now being used in more than a hundred countries. Kids will need to move on from YouTube Kids someday. You can introduce new things to them slowly and carefully with peace of mind with a supervised Google account.


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