I know you love YouTube so much that you can’t last a day without checking the site on your desktop or the app on your mobile phone. You’ve probably noticed some changes if you’re an avid YouTube viewer as Google has recently released an update to the Android app, as well as, to the web versions and soon on iOS.

Three new tabs have been added: Home, Subscriptions, and Account. You’ll see these three greeting you on the home page so you can discover and explore YouTube with more ease. The Home will still show recommendations of new videos to watch as based on your recent history. YouTube will also show a video playlist created for you.

On the Subscriptions section, you can see your fave bloggers, creators, and channels. You can also set the notifications so you won’t miss any video or episode. Just tap the bell icon on the channels you enjoy watching. Meanwhile, the Account area will still show all your watch history, video uploads, and playlists.

As part of the update, vertical videos can now be viewed in full screen with just one tap on the screen. The app now also comes with new video creation tools that lets you do simple editing like use image filers, trim video footage, add background music, and then upload to YouTube right from the mobile app. You can also like, share a video, or comment on one right on the app.

Download YouTube from the Google Play Store