When on the desktop version of YouTube, there is a feature called Mix which suggests videos from the musicians you’re watching. That feature has made its way to Android, and several users are noticing it when they search for artists.

It doesn’t work for every artist, and Android Police properly notes it seems to work for Vevo artists ahead of others. The feature is pretty simple to use, and great for those who use YouTube to find and listen to music. The selections automatically play, and we’ve encountered issues with videos being skipped, noted as “unavailable”.

Once you choose the Mix function, videos automatically play witout skipping a beat, one after another. There are controls that pop up for skipping tracks, pausing, and fast forward/reverse. The videos are randomly selected, but in portrait, it’s easy to see what’s in the queue and skip around if desired.

If you’re wondering, the Mix feature is ready for Chromecast. Send it to your TV with a home theater system, and you’ll be enjoying a random mix of videos from a favorite artist. Great for when you want an automated mixtape of one particular artist at a time. Mix is available in the current version of YouTube for Android, so if you don’t have it, check for an update.

YouTube Mix2 AC

Via: Android Police